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Maximize Doctor’s Calendars
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Online Practice Marketing
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Patient Relationship Management
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Front Office Optimization
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Online Reputation Management
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Maximize Doctor’s Calendars

Confirmation of appointments
Patients will receive a phone call prompting them to confirm appointments 48 hours prior. This will give practice advance notice to optimize and manage schedule

Fill Last Minute Cancellations
Maximize medical practices schedule using our waiting list feature allowing healthcare professionals to fill last minute cancellations.

Increase Patients Visits
Our innovative feature allows doctors to advertise specials to drive increases in patient visits with no added cost.

Activate Old Patients
Text message reminders to patients that have not visited practices in a while. Our automated system will reach to patients by asking them to schedule their appointments

Online Practice Marketing

Docpoint allows doctors to market their practices by creating a customizable online profile. These profiles will be search engine optimized (SEO) across the web, allowing doctors to market their practice, and achieve high rankings on search engines

Docpoint provides doctors with access to a comprehensive demographic analysis allowing them to target their marketing to certain geographic areas more effectively

Docpoint integrates with main social media platforms, and will leverage social media to market doctors and their Docpoint profiles

Docpoint will provide automated patient surveys to identify potential areas where doctors can take steps to increase patients satisfaction

Advertise your open appointments through Docpoint

Patient Relationship Management

Birthday Greetings
Auto sends patient customized birthday and holiday greetings

Page Doctor option, doctors in Docpoint have the option to allow patients to send them text messages afterhours straight from their docpoint online profiles.

Electronic Newsletters
Get your patients informed about the latest news in your practice.

Patient Portal patients will have a portal that can be used to manage their accounts, get access to specials offered by their doctors, and many more features.

Multi language support English & Spanish

Medical Forms Enable patients to electronically receive medical forms needed by the healthcare professionals prior to their first visit. Optimizing patient’s time at practice.

Manage all aspects of scheduling Family member appointments from a single patient portal.

Front Office Optimization

Reduces front office workload related to acquiring, managing and making reminder calls through an innovative online system.

Maximizes flexibility for doctors and patients by providing 24/7 access for scheduling via computer or Smartphone.

Text Doctor option, Office staff and nurses can send doctors customized text messages straight from their Docpoint admin panel.

Manage appointments in a simple manner with colors indicating appointment status. You can drag and drop appointments with your mouse effortlessly to reschedule or change duration. Patients will be notified instantly of actions made to calendar through SMS.

One click cancellation Enables doctors to cancel all daily appointments with One Click, the system will reschedule them automatically & notify patients through SMS

Online Reputation Management

Healthcare professionals online reviews are simply too important to ignore, as they may contain inaccurate, or misleading information which can adversely influence how web searchers view them

Our system will help you advertise and showcase your Certified reviews across the Web and sending them directly to social media pages

Special unique tools provided to insure accuracy of your online reviews before they are posted to the web

Our technical staff will work to increase your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page on various search engines, so when people are searching for you, your unique profile with Docpoint will be among the top

Product Summary

Docpoint is an online system that helps you increase your patient population, maximize your calendar, market your practice and manage your relationships. All in one place! With Docpoint, you have a powerful online system at your fingertips that literally does everything.

Docpoint automates tasks so you don’t have to worry about them, and our dynamic scheduling system is capable of integrating seamlessly across various practice management systems. This will reflect in real-time the available times for doctors, as oppose to having a standard time block advertised online. 

Our patient engagement service is designed to maintain existing patients while acquiring new ones. Docpoint will increase your productivity and grow your practice while our analytic rich patient engagement tools will enhance your practice operations.  We will enhance your web presence and measure patient’s satisfactions with real-time reporting, strengthen patient loyalty, and increase your practice revenue.

Docpoint Video

Docpoint Featuers

  • Doctor/Patient Relationship Management
  • Stand Alone Scheduling System
  • 24x7 Online Scheduling
  • Tools to Acquire new Patients
  • Unlimited Text Message Reminder
  • Patients Appointments Confirmation
  • Double Booking & Recurrent Scheduling
  • Unlimited Phone Call Reminder
  • Customers Surveys
  • Integrated Daily/Weekly Specials
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Waiting List Capability
  • Social Media Integration
  • Patient Activator Feature
  • Reputation Management
  • Practice Marketing
  • Increase Search Ranking on Google
  • Dynamic Webpages With Custom URLs
  • Synchronize with most PMS
  • HL7 Support
  • Comprehensive Newsletter Feature
If you need help or have any questions please feel free to call us at (877) 366-9615

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Doctor Testimonial

  • Docpoint has been a great asset to my practice, so many capabilities in one single package.
    Dr. K. Sudi

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